For over 5000 years, your family and friends have been waiting for you to treat them to something special. With one simple act, all is forgiven. Delicious Orthodox Chews Gourmet Salt Water Taffy are the answer of the ages. A gift of Orthodox Chews is a gift of love. Order now! Don\'t let another 1000 years slip by!

Orthodox Chews are perfect for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, the High Holy Days, the Chanukah Party, and any other time Chews come together. After all, it\'s "A Chewish Tradition."

Oh yes, you may want a bag of your very own. This is not selfish. This is love thyself.

Quantity pricing, customizing and special event packaging are available.

Orthodox Chews. The Chosen Chews.

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